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Daph is a playwright from Philadelphia, based in Austin, TX.

Their plays include:

Pound (Semi-finalist, 2019 Relentless Award)

Six Years Old (Corkscrew Festival, Bushwick Starr)

I Love How You Love Me (Playdate @ Pete's Candy Store)

The Geologist (The Tank)

Minor Triad (Sitka Fellows Program)

Polycule (Little Theater @ Dixon Place.)

They also arrange songs, write monologues, and perform with the band Go Home.


The Latest

POUND has been named a

semi-finalist for The 2019 Relentless Award

SIX YEARS OLD is now available through DPS

"Six Years Old is a gem of a play… special and different... [it] treats all its characters, including the fascinating children, evenhandedly and with an odd dignity making the play a vivid character study." - TheaterScene.net

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