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Daphne (they/she) is a playwright, dramaturg, and musician based in Brooklyn.

Her plays include:

VERY BLUE LIGHT (Univ. of Texas at Austin)


I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME (Playdate @ Pete's)

SIX YEARS OLD (Corkscrew Festival)

POUND (Semi-finalist, 2019 Relentless Award)

POLYCULE (Little Theater @ Dixon Place.)

More details on:​ New Play Exchange

She also collaborates with the bands Go Home and MOTHERCAT, releases music as sa_phne, and makes collage.


The Latest

A new SA_PHNE release is live on Spotify.

Check it out here.

SIX YEARS OLD is now available through

Dramatists Play Service.

Click here for more info.

"Six Years Old is a gem of a play… special and different... [it] treats all its characters, including the fascinating children, evenhandedly and with an odd dignity making the play a vivid character study." 


Photo: Justine Gelfman

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