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Full Length



dir. Kristen Osborn - workshop as part of UTNT (University of Texas New Theater Festival)

@ University of Texas at Austin Department of Theater and Dance, 2023

Marfa, TX, 2022 -- A trans woman was likely abducted by aliens, but her friends don't believe her. She seeks out the Marfa Lights hoping for answers, and discovers that the secrets of the cosmos are both far-reaching and mundane.


dir. Emily Moler - reading @ Crashbox, Austin, 2022

Horrifying and erotic episodes from a young woman's life come back to haunt her, in the style of the Grand-Guignol.


dir. Rory McGregor - reading @ Play Date at Pete' Candy Store, New York, 2020

An increasingly confused straight couple turns to a queer friend to fix their stagnant romance; solutions prove elusive.


dir. Helen Handelman - Corkscrew Festival, New York, 2019

Reading @ The Bushwick Starr, New York, 2019


A transgender six-year-old gets themselves into trouble while trying to accelerate their transformation into Han Solo. 


dir. Logan Reed - Reading @ The Tank, New York, 2018

​SEMI-FINALIST for the 2019 Relentless Award

A bar mitzvah candidate and his family ungracefully reckon with the institutional violence at an East Texas dog pound.


Reading @ The Tank, New York, 2017

An earth scientist decides whether to shutter a family-owned roadside attraction after her boss gets trapped in a cave.


a new adaptation of the "Theban Plays"

@ The Secret Theater, New York, 2015

Review: Theatre is Easy

Anne witnesses her father's demise, tries to save her brother, and gets into hot water with Haemon's dad. An integration of all material related to Antigone and Ismene across Sophocles' retroactively-compiled trilogy.


O, THE HUMANITY - Masters Salon Reading Series - UT Austin, 2022

Call Me Venus - dir. Danya Taymor - American Playwriting Foundation Time Capsule Series, 2020

Polycule - dir. Rory McGregor - Little Theater @ Dixon Place, 2018​

Snack Time - ¡Oye! Avant Garde Festival - JACK, 2017​

Tree Songs -  U.S.Over Festival - The Irondale Center, 2017​

Saw Songs - Fast and the Furious @  The Tank, 2017​

Alabama Battery/Scene H -  Reading @ Think Coffee Mercer St., 2015


Macdowell Fellow, 2023

Sitka Fellows Program, Sitka, AK, 2018​



MFA in Theatre (Playwriting); University of Texas at Austin, 2023

Developed and taught Playwriting I course focused on building drafting skills, developing traditional and alternative dramaturgy practices, and gaining familiarity with contemporary dramatic field (3 semesters)

BA Dramatic Literature, Minor in Performance Studies, New York University, 2016​


GO HOME - with Travis Emery Hackett, Zak Houston, and Marlena Mack​

Slow Field - Staged reading - by Stephen Smith, dir. Logan Reed - Columbia University, 2018​

Welcome to the Gun Show - Julia Sirna-Frest & Shane Chapman

City Winery, 2019​              

Exponential Festival @ The Slipper Room, 2018

ANT FEST @ Ars Nova, 2017

Snack Time - ¡Oye! Avant Garde Festival - JACK, 2017​

Tiny Hornets, or, It Didn't Have to Come to This - by Normandy Sherwood - The Drunkard's Wife - Rubulad, 2017​

Betty Odessa - by Kev Berry, dir. Sophie Weisskoff - PrideFest - The Tank, 2017​

Tree Songs - U.S.Over Festival - The Irondale Center, 2017​

Saw Songs - Fast and the Furious Fest - The Tank, 2017​

The Black Crook - dir./adapted by Joshua Gelb - Abrons Arts Center, 2016


Thunderbodies - Kate Tarker, dir. Lileana Blain-Cruz - Deck Carpenter - Soho Rep, 2018​

The Space Between the Letters - Eva von Schweinitz, Lead Artist - JACK, 2018​

[ PORTO ] - Kate Benson, dir. Lee Sunday Evans -  ASM - Women’s Project, 2018​

Welcome to the Gun Show - Julia Sirna-Frest, Shane Chapman - ANT Fest - Ars Nova, 2017​

Samara - Richard Maxwell, dir. Sarah Benson - Deck Carpenter - Soho Rep, 2017​

What Makes Us Feel Good - Brett Evans Solomon, dir. Gabriel Vasquez - The Tank, 2017

[ PORTO ] - Kate Benson, dir. Lee Sunday Evans - Deck Manager/Food Design - Bushwick Starr, 2017​​

Nothin's Gonna Change My World - dir. Mia Rovegno - ASM - The Waterfront Museum, Red Hook, BK, 2016​

Male Continence - Sophie Weisskoff, dir. Blaze Ferrer - HERE Arts Center, 2016​

Iceman Lab: Act II - Eugene O’Neill, dir. Yuris Skujins - Target Margin Theater @ HERE Arts Center, 2016​​

​Readymade Cabaret - This is Not A Theater Company, dir. Erin Mee - ASM/scenic design - Judson Church, 2015​

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