Full Length

I Love How You Love Me

dir. Rory McGregor - Play Date @ Pete' Candy Store, 2020

An increasingly confused straight couple turns to a queer friend to fix their stagnant romance; solutions prove elusive.

Six Years Old

dir. Helen Handelman - Corkscrew Festival, New York, 2019

Reading @ The Bushwick Starr, New York, 2019


A genderqueer six-year-old gets herself into trouble while trying to accelerate her transformation into Han Solo. 

Minor Triad

Community presentation @ Sitka Fine Arts Camp, Sitka, AK, 2018

Three kids in a small Alaskan town reckon with poly-curioius-ness as one prepares to move to the "lower forty-eight."


dir. Logan Reed - Reading @ The Tank, New York, 2018

​SEMI-FINALIST for the 2019 Relentless Award

FINALIST for Playwright's Week 2018 @ The Lark

A bar mitzvah candidate and his family ungracefully reckon with the institutional violence at a rural dog pound.

The Geologist

Reading @ The Tank, New York, 2017

An earth scientist decides whether to shutter a family-owned roadside attraction after her boss gets trapped in a cave.


dir. Emily Moler @ The Secret Theater, New York, 2015

Review: Theatre is Easy

Anne witnesses her father's demise, tries to save her brother, and gets into hot water with Haemon's dad.


Call Me Venus - dir. Danya Taymor - American Playwriting Foundation Time Capsule Series, 2020

Polycule - dir. Rory McGregor - Little Theater @ Dixon Place, 2018​

Snack Time - ¡Oye! Avant Garde Festival - JACK, 2017​

Tree Songs -  U.S.Over Festival - The Irondale Center, 2017​

Saw Songs - Fast and the Furious @  The Tank, 2017​

Alabama Battery/Scene H -  Reading @ Think Coffee West Village, 2015



Thunderbodies - Kate Tarker, dir. Lileana Blain-Cruz - Deck Carpenter - Soho Rep, 2018​

The Space Between the Letters - Eva von Schweinitz, Lead Artist - JACK, 2018​

[ PORTO ] - Kate Benson, dir. Lee Sunday Evans -  ASM - Women’s Project, 2018​

Welcome to the Gun Show - Julia Sirna-Frest, Shane Chapman - ANT Fest - Ars Nova, 2017​

Samara - Deck Carpenter - Richard Maxwell, dir. Sarah Benson - Soho Rep, 2017​

What Makes Us Feel Good - Brett Evans Solomon, dir. Gabriel Vasquez - The Tank, 2017

[ PORTO ] - Kate Benson, dir. Lee Sunday Evans - Deck Manager - Bushwick Starr, 2017​​

Nothin's Gonna Change My World - dir. Mia Rovegno - The Waterfront Museum, Red Hook, BK, 2016​

Male Continence - Sophie Weisskoff, dir. Blaze Ferrer - HERE Arts Center, 2016​

Iceman Lab: Act II - Eugene O’Neill, dir. Yuris Skujins - Target Margin Theater @ HERE Arts Center, 2016​​

​Readymade Cabaret - ASM/scenic design - This is Not A Theater Company, dir. Erin Mee - Judson Church, 2015​


GO HOME - ongoing - original songs by Zak Houston and Marlena Mack​

Slow Field - Staged reading - by Stephen Smith, dir. Logan Reed - Columbia University, 2018​

Welcome to the Gun Show - Julia Sirna-Frest & Shane Chapman

              Exponential Festival @ The Slipper Room, 2018 - City Winery, 2019​             

              ANT FEST @ Ars Nova, 2017

Snack Time - ¡Oye! Avant Garde Festival - JACK, 2017​

Tiny Hornets, or, It Didn't Have to Come to This - by Normandy Sherwood - The Drunkard's Wife - Rubulad, 2017​

Betty Odessa - by Kev Berry, dir. Sophie Weisskoff - PrideFest - The Tank, 2017​

Tree Songs - U.S.Over Festival - The Irondale Center, 2017​

Saw Songs - Fast and the Furious Fest - The Tank, 2017​

The Black Crook - dir./adapted by Joshua Gelb - Abrons Arts Center, 2016


2018 Fellow; Sitka Fellows Program, Sitka, AK; Summer 2018​

Travel Fellow, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Center for International Theater Development; Fall 2016



2023 MFA Candidate in Playwriting; University of Texas @ Austin

B.A Dramatic Literature, Minor in Performance Studies, Summa Cum Laude, New York University, 2016​

Medieval Literature & Art History, Minor in Drama, University of Virginia, 2012-2014